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Ten Ways To Help Improve Your Kids Dental Health

improve kids dental healthDesoto Dental Practice offers tips to help improve your kids dental health of your children so that they can have a beautiful, bright smile that they deserve.

Starting dental care as early as possible can help keep your kids healthy and free from tooth decay or other dental problems. Use these tips to improve your kids dental health and help them maintain a healthy smile.

1. Start check-ups early

Make sure your child get dental check up by his/her first birthday. Early preventive care helps to save you money in the long-run.

2. Teach brushing techniques

Start teaching them how to brush teeth using fluoride tooth paste to help control and prevent tooth decay. Your children learn by watching. Let them watch as you or other older kids brush their teeth so that they can learn how to correctly brush their teeth.

 3. Make brushing enjoyable

Allow your kids to have fun brushing their teeth by giving them tooth brushes with soft bristles or come up with a fun song they can sing while brushing. You can also make brushing fun by setting a timer for each brushing session.

4. Give your children choices

Let your children have some control so that they can get motivated to take care of their teeth. Allow them to pick out their preferred toothbrush at the store or give them different choices of tooth paste flavors.

5. See a children’s dentist

Figure out if there’s a children’s dentist near your area. Make sure your children see a family-friendly dentist when they are still young so they can get to eliminate the fear of having to see a dentist as they grow older.

6. Teach proper flossing

Start teaching your kids how to floss their teeth early enough so that they can appreciate the importance of caring for their teeth from an early age. Your kids should start flossing at the age of two or as soon as they have two teeth that touch each other.

7. Reduce sugar

Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay among young children. Stop giving your kids sugary drinks in a sipping cup or baby bottle as the sugar erodes the outer surface of the teeth, leading to decay.  The earlier you start teaching healthy eating habits by offering your kids water of milk instead of fizzy drinks the better.

8. Take precautions

Take proactive actions by asking your dentist for fluoride or other sealant applications that can help protect your child’s teeth against cavities before they happen. Keep on top of your child’s dental health to ensure they maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

9. Check children’s medications

Make sure you understand how different types of medications can affect your child’s teeth.  Most children’s medications are sweet and sugary but could cause cavities or tooth decay if your child takes them on a long-term basis.

10. Thumbs out

Children who are still sucking their thumbs should stop once permanent teeth begin to erupt. This helps in avoiding speech problems or misaligned teeth from occurring.

Help your children develop good oral care habits that will keep their teeth and gums healthy at all times. Make your kid’s dental care fun and creative.

Best Pediatric Dentistry in Canoga Park – DeSoto Dental Practice

Bring your kids to DeSoto Dental Practice for a comprehensive and fun dental care in Canoga Park. We’ll ease your child’s nervousness and make them feel comfortable during his/her dental visit.  Top-rated pediatric dentists, Dr. Edalat and Dr. Kalai are specially trained to provide quality dental care for all ages.

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Why De Soto Dental Practice is the Best Dentist in Canoga Park

best dentist in canoga park

De Soto Dental Practice is a trusted and reliable Canoga Park dental care providers offering the best dentist in Canoga Park, CA.

For many years, De Soto Dental Practice has been committed to treating patients in Canoga Park with various dental problems along with providing cosmetic dental services. We have built a strong reputation as the best dentist in Canoga Park and the surroundings.

Dr. F. Edalat and Dr. Kalai, are the best dentist in Canoga Park known for their dedication to helping patients achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles.

At De Soto Dental Practice, our patient’s satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we strive to provide you with professional dental care that exceeds your expectations.

Dr. Edalat and Dr. Kalai offer the best dentist in Canoga Park care for all dental problems including:

We are pleased to offer you complete dental care in one convenient location, a variety of restorative, specialty and preventative dental services – each designed to extend the life of your teeth and total dental health; contributing to your physical comfort, outer appearance, and your inner confidence.

Why Choose Dr. Edalat and Dr. Kalai Canoga Park Dentists

Our clients come to us for best dental dentist in Canoga Park because we:

  • Have a wealth of experience in all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Edalat has over 35 years of experience in the trade while Dr. Kalai has 25 years of experience.
  • Have state-of-the-art dental equipment for providing comfortable dentistry.
  • Use advanced training to offer the latest and patent-focused dental treatment techniques.
  • Have a comfortable waiting room with a TV and magazines to read as you wait.
  • Have a warm, friendly staff that will greet you with a smile.

Dr. Edalat & Dr. Kalai Patient Reviews

Bruin L. from Washington, DC says “Dr. Edalat is an excellent dentist. He is very knowledgeable, skilled, and honest. He has done a variety of work on my parents’ teeth, including dealing with gum issues and implanting new teeth. He has also filled several of my tooth cavities and has fixed my chipped front tooth. I am very satisfied with his dentistry! He is great at what he does. His prices are fair and he’s very efficient. If you’re looking for a new or better dentist, I definitely recommend him.”

Make an appointment today

To learn more about our general and cosmetic dentistry in Canoga Park or to schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Edalat or Dr. Kalai, call us at (818)-888-2211.

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Ways to Treat Mouth Sores at Home

De Soto Dental Blog

A very large majority of people experience mouth sores at some point in their lives. Mouth sores come in different forms and often appear anywhere around the lips, cheeks, gums, and even the tongue. The good news is that mouth sores are temporary and usually go away with relatively easy treatment options at home.

 Tips on How to Best Treat Mouth Sores at Home

If you’re suffering from a fever blister, canker sore, cold sore, or other type of mouth sore then follow these tips in order to give yourself relief while the sore attempts to heal on its own:

  • Salt water rinsing – take roughly 1 teaspoon of salt or baking soda and rinse your mouth out every day using this homemade solution.
  • Milk of magnesia – you may find this at your local drugstore. Dabbing this solution on your mouth sore a few times a day will encourage the site to heal faster.
  • Avoiding spicy or acidic foods – these types of foods have a tendency to cause unnecessary irritation on the site of the sore.
  • Application of ice – allow ice cubes to slowly dissolve over your sores for added relief.
  • Make sure to brush your teeth – keeping your mouth clean t all times will help you prevent the onset of anymore sores in the mouth.

 What if My Mouth Sore is Not Going Away?

Most mouth sores will go away on their own in generally a couple to few weeks of time, but if your mouth sore is not responding to treatment at home, then you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalai, a Pomona Dentist, who may prescribe you special topicals or other medications to encourage healing.

Mouth sores are only considered a minor irritation. Reducing your stress levels, monitoring your diet, and making more of an effort to stay on top of your oral hygiene can prevent mouth sores occurring in the future.

Contact Us to see what we can do to help you!

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Learn How You Can Detect or Prevent Oral Cancer

Learn How You Can Detect or Prevent Oral CancerIf diagnosed in earlier stages, oral cancer can be treated and resolved with little to no hesitation. Approximately 50,000 Americans are diagnosed every year with oral cancer, only about half of those individuals will survive. It all depends on the stage their cancer currently is when discovered by a professional. Your well-being depends on being diagnosed in the earlier stages, so taking the appropriate precautions and measures will be crucial to your overall health and prevention of oral cancer.

Professionals will look for signs during regular checkups and appointments. But there are some precautions you can implement into your daily routine to help prevent any future conditions.


Signs And Symptoms That Are Crucial to Your Health

Mouth cancer can occur anywhere in your mouth, including the lips, tongue and throat. Cancer may also appear in salivary glands, pharynx, larynx and sinuses. That being said, look for the following symptoms that may persist more than 2 weeks and make sure to consult with a professional.

  • Look for sores, swellings, lumps or thick patches anywhere in or around your mouth or throat.
  • Areas of red or white lesions in your mouth or lips are also an example of signs that can help prevent future issues.
  • If you feel a lump or object stuck in your throat, speak to a professional.
  • Another crucial sign is any discomfort you may experience when wearing dentures.
  • Numbness, pain or tenderness anywhere in your mouth, including your tongue.
  • Pain in one of your ears but without any loss of hearing.
  • Trouble moving your jaw or tongue, or problems with chewing, swallowing or speaking.
  • Loose teeth with no apparent dental cause.
  • Lingering sore throat or hoarseness.

Preventing Cancer is The Best Treatment

Although it’s unclear exactly how oral cancer is created, there are some certain lifestyle factors that place you in higher risk of being diagnosed with a condition. Tobacco is the leading high risk factor that may result in developing cancer. In fact, the Mouth Cancer Foundation reports 90 percent of those with oral cancer consume tobacco. Heavy use of alcohol also increases a person’s chances of developing oral cancer, and the NIDCR says your risk is even higher when using both tobacco and alcohol.

In addition to tobacco and alcohol, age and eating habits can many times influence your health as well. Studies show that most people over the age of 40 and with a diet that is deficient in fruits and vegetables can make it easier to contract.

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How Long Do Dental Crowns Typically Last?

How Long Do Dental Crowns LastDental crowns refer to tooth-shaped “caps” placed over teeth to restore their shape, size, and strength, and enhance their appearance. When cemented in place, crowns fully encase the whole portion of a tooth that is above the gum line. But how long can a dental crown last?

Generally, dental crowns can last between five and fifteen years, though some can get damaged within two months, while others can last 40 years or even a lifetime.

This is a huge range because there are many factors involved, many of which depend on the dental hygiene and habits of the patient getting the crown, let alone the position and type of material used on the crown. But it is interesting to note that most insurance companies accept to pay for crown replacements after 5-8 years, which implies that a well-made crown should not need replacement for a minimum of five years.

That said, different types of crown materials offer varying degrees of durability.

Gold Crowns

The caps are made of cast gold, and have been in use for more than a century. Gold crowns are the most successful, and should last for decades. In some cases, they can last for more than 50 years. Gold crowns are unmatched in terms of minimal wear to opposing teeth and long-term service. However, they may ultimately fail due to wear of the metal through to the underlying tooth structure, and also because of recurrent caries or decay.

All Porcelain Crowns

All porcelain crowns are preferred by patients because of their aesthetics, allowing amazing real-life appearance. While they blend in well with natural teeth, they are characterized by brittleness, lack of strength, and their potential damage to opposing teeth against which they bite.

Basically, all dental porcelains are ceramics – glass variations fired in an oven at extremely high temperatures so the components can fuse together. Like glass, any damage to porcelain crowns is catastrophic and impossible to repair, which makes it hard to predict their longevity. That said, porcelain crowns are expected to last between 10 – 15 years, though it is not unusual for them to last up to 30 or more years.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns

They are fairly esthetic restorations that combine the properties of metal crowns (gold or platinum) and porcelain. PFM crowns are strong, fit precisely, and are bonded to the tooth, eliminating the brittleness of porcelain. They have a functional longevity of 20 years, or so, though they tend to seriously abrade opposing teeth, resulting in undue wear.

Why May Dental Crowns Need Replacement?

It is unusual for a crown to fail alone, since gold, PFM, and all porcelain do not decay. However, it is not unusual for the patient to cause the crown to fail due to poor hygiene. In fact, the most common cause of crown failure is decay under poorly maintained crowns. Bad habits, like removing bottle caps and biting finger nails can also compromise the integrity of crowns.
If the dental crown was fabricated to the highest standards, correctly fitted to your bite, and properly cared for, it should last for decades or even your lifetime.

De Soto Dental Practice provides dental crowns in Canoga Park made from different materials to suit everyone’s needs & budgets. If you are interested in obtaining a new crown or want to replace an old one, then call our office @ 818.888.2211.

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Cost of Dental Implants vs. Other Alternatives

canoga park dental implantsImplants are one of the most common options for replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or to support a full set of dentures. Dental implants are generally secure and stable, offering the same level of comfort as if you had your natural tooth. Unfortunately, implants are not an option for everyone, not only because the patient needs to be in good health for the surgery, but also because of the higher costs involved compared to alternative tooth replacement options like fixed bridges or removable partial dentures, according to cosmetic dentists in Canoga Park, Dr. Edalat & Dr. Kalai.

Average cost of dental implants.
A single dental implant typically costs between $1,500 and $6,700, depending on a wide range of factors. For instance, replacing a front tooth usually involves a lot more work because of the minimal work-space available compared to a back tooth. In addition, the abutment (connects the implant to the crown) used in the front teeth is usually more costly than the standard abutments used in back teeth placement.

Factors affecting the cost of implants.
There are several reasons why dental implants cost more than other tooth replacement options. First, the consultation processes involves a number of exams including diagnostic imaging (panoramic X-ray), which typically increases the cost of treatment.

Second, each implant comprises three elements: the implant, an abutment, and a crown. The cost of treatment will include the total amount of producing these 3 parts and placing them. Placement of the implant element may range from $900 to $3,200, while placement of the abutment and crown may range from $1,500 to $6,700.

Third, the treatment involves multiple dental visits, so you need to pay for the dentist’s time. After the consultation, you should schedule the first appointment to place the implant, followed by a second appointment in 3-6 months for placement of the abutment and crown. Another appointment may be necessary to adjust the implant.

Fourth, implants require specialist care that is typically more expensive than general dental care. Dental implants lie in the category of implantology under restoration dentistry. They can only be placed by an oral surgeon, periodontist, or dentist with relevant advanced training. As such, you will be required to pay more because of the dental professional involved.

Fifth, other costly procedures may be involved to make you a suitable candidate for dental implants. For instance, you may require periodontal treatment or bone grafts, which add to the overall cost of treatment. Also consider the use of general anesthesia or local anesthesia during treatment.

Reducing the cost of dental implants.
Having multiple dental implants can prove to be very costly for most people. Fortunately, you don’t need to replace all missing teeth with implants to restore function and aesthetics. For instance, having 2 implants with 3 tooth bridges can cost between $2,800 and $12,000, while having 2 implants with 4 bridges can cost between $4,000 and 15,000.

The more implants you have in your mouth, the higher the cost. So, discuss with your dentist about cost-effective tooth replacement options.

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Canoga Park Cosmetic Dentistry Blog | De Soto Dental Practice

Featuring Two of Canoga Park’s Best Cosmetic Dentists

canoga par dr kalai

Here at De Soto Dental Practice we’re committed to providing you with the best smile possible! We are able to accomplish this by utilizing two of Canoga Park’s best cosmetic
, Dr. Kalai & Dr. F. Edalat, each with 25 years or more experience as a cosmetic & general dentist.

The Launch of Our New Website

canoga park dr edalat

We wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our new website that features a modern, mobile-friendly platform so that you may have the opportunity to browse our Canoga Park cosmetic dental services with ease. We updated our website to be a lot more user-friendly.

Have You Seen Our Special Offers?

If you haven’t seen them yet, please be sure to view our current special offers here! We have very competitive special offers for new patients, deep cleaning, white fillings, whitening & more!

canoga park cosmetic dentist

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