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Use These 3 Tips To Find The Perfect General Dentist For You

Choosing a good general dentist is vital and sits at the core of your smile and oral health. Individuals looking for a new general dentist are advised to do their own research before making their decision.

We have prepared three ways to narrow down the vast list of options at your disposal to just one dentist that suits you best.

  1. Check their papers

Enquiring about the education and certification of a healthcare provider before committing to treatment should always come first. Every dentist should be either a doctor of dental surgery (DMS) or a doctor of dental medicine (DMD). This is the only way they can prove they went through the two years of pre-dental college studies and the four years of undergraduate training in dentistry.

  1. Get recommendations

The first person to consult when looking for a new long-term general dentist should be your primary care physician (PCP). If you’re moving to another state or city, the recommendation of your old dentist may also come in handy.

Ask your neighbors, friends, and family about their dentists, focusing on specific aspects and qualities. Consider meeting in person the dentists that meet most of your requirements.

  1. Location and working hours.

This is important for convenience, especially if you’re looking for a general dentist for your family. Ensure whoever you choose is within your locality and opens when you and your family have the time to schedule appointments and go there. At the very least, let the dentist be willing to adjust their program to fit in your schedule.

DeSoto Dental Care is a dental clinic in Winnetka that offers a vast range of dental care services for adults and children. Call us today at 818.888.2211 to inquire about our services.

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How Full Dentures Improve Your Smile?

A Full denture is a removable replacement for a set of teeth lost due to an accident, decay, genetic effects, gum disease and so forth.

Dentures can be classified into two categories namely:

  1. Full dentures, and
  2. Partial dentures.

Full dentures are used on a patient who has lost most or all of their teeth while partial dentures only replace a few teeth. The level of damage on your teeth thus determines the type of dentures your dentists recommend for you.

How dentures improve your smile

For most people, dentures are nothing more than just a cost-effective way to reverse a wrecked smile. That’s not the case: dentures, if fitted well, can greatly improve your ability to chew and save your remaining teeth, if any, from rocking and shifting around.

How long will dentures last?

Dentures are made of an artificial material that is resistant to stain and decay, hence do not deteriorate easily. The only reason you will need to replace dentures is that your mouth changes as you grow and your dentures fit on your arc may change. The occasional checkup will help your dentist detect a loose fit or any other reason for replacement before the changes start causing tenderness and irritation.

That said, good quality denture material can last a long time without causing problems or requiring replacement. Follow your dentist’s care and cleaning guidelines to the letter to maximize your dentures longevity.

Full and Partial Dentures in Canoga Park

If you’re looking for a solution for your lost teeth without breaking the bank or waiting a year to smile again, consider getting dentures. DeSoto Dental Care invites you to pay us a visit at our office in Canoga Park and have your dentures fitted. Call 818.888.2211 today to schedule an appointment.

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5 Common Smile Makeover Treatments

Studies show that people with attractive smiles are happier, more confident and more productive in what they do. That doesn’t necessarily leave anyone outside the bracket as you don’t need to be born with a straight dentition to enjoy the benefits of the priceless asset that is a perfect smile. Smile makeovers fix even the most wrecked smiles and take with them all your self-esteem issues. If you are considering having your smile fixed, here are some of the most common cosmetic treatments offered by dentists and orthodontists:

  1. Bonding

Cracks, chips, stains, and gaps have an all-inclusive solution in dental bonding. The treatment uses tooth-colored resin to cover the entire surface of the tooth concealing any cosmetic imperfections.

  1. Teeth whitening

Yellowish and stained teeth can be a blow to anyone’s self-esteem. Teeth-whitening bleaches any unwanted stains from the surface of your teeth without affecting the tooth structure.

You may have to book multiple teeth-whitening appointments to achieve optimal results.

  1. Gum reshaping

If you are self-conscious about a gummy smile or any other gum-related flaw, minimally invasive surgical procedures can be used to reshape your gum and enhance your smile. Soft tissue lasers make for one of the most commonly employed gum reshaping treatments.

  1. Porcelain veneers

Veneers are thin tooth-shaped shells that are placed over the showing surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. Minor chips, cracks, twists, stains and misalignments can all be masked using porcelain veneers.

  1. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns provide the perfect solution for minor cases of misshapen or structurally damaged, but functional teeth. They are designed to cap the entire tooth and give it a new shape, while aligning it with the rest of your smile. Crowns are also used with implants as a long-term replacement for missing teeth.

The dental cosmetic industry has seen major advancements over the past few decades and right now, there is a treatment dedicated to virtually every aesthetic flaw. Contact De Soto Dental Practice at 818.888.2211 today if you want a smile makeover procedure in Canoga Park

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Do I need a dental filling?

The best way to know you need tooth filling is consulting a dentist. However if you experience one or more of the following signs, you may need a filling:

  • Fractures and chips
  • A tooth starting to feel rough
  • Tooth pain
  • Floss tearing when you floss between certain teeth
  • Sensitivity when you chew or bite on a certain tooth
  • Lost tooth filling
  • Food getting stuck between certain teeth
  • A hole in your tooth

The type of filling best for me

The type of filling best for you is mostly determined by your lifestyle, budget and the severity of your problem. Here are the primary categories of tooth filling:

  • Gold Fillings
  • Silver amalgams
  • Ceramics
  • Composite resins

Gold fillings and ceramics cost the highest and last the longest. Composite resins cost way less but form a chemical bonding with your teeth and maybe tooth-colored.

What to expect during the filling procedure

Your dentist will first apply a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the flesh surrounding it to make the filling painless. Once you’re numb and ready, the dentist will use a drill to get rid of the decay from the tooth. A high volume suction is also used to remove the water from the drill and debris from the mouth.

Next, the tooth will be washed and rinsed, and the dentist will apply the filling material on the tooth. Procedures may differ depending on the filling material being used.

If you suspect you have dental decay and want a dentist to confirm it and provide filling if necessary, De Soto Dental Practice offers the service in and around Canoga Park. Call 818.888.2211 now to schedule an appointment and have your tooth fixed.

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Ten Ways To Help Improve Your Kids Dental Health

improve kids dental health

Desoto Dental Practice offers tips to help improve your kid’s dental health of your children so that they can have a beautiful, bright smile that they deserve.

Starting dental care as early as possible can help keep your kids healthy and free from tooth decay or other dental problems. Use these tips to improve your kids dental health and help them maintain a healthy smile.

1. Start check-ups early

Make sure your child get dental check-up by his/her first birthday. Early preventive care helps to save you money in the long-run.

2. Teach brushing techniques

Start teaching them how to brush teeth using fluoride toothpaste to help control and prevent tooth decay. Your children learn by watching. Let them watch as you or other older kids brush their teeth so that they can learn how to correctly brush their teeth.

 3. Make brushing enjoyable

Allow your kids to have fun brushing their teeth by giving them toothbrushes with soft bristles or come up with a fun song they can sing while brushing. You can also make brushing fun by setting a timer for each brushing session.

4. Give your children choices

Let your children have some control so that they can get motivated to take care of their teeth. Allow them to pick out their preferred toothbrush at the store or give them different choices of tooth paste flavors.

5. See a children’s dentist

Figure out if there’s a children’s dentist near your area. Make sure your children see a family-friendly dentist when they are still young so they can get to eliminate the fear of having to see a dentist as they grow older.

6. Teach proper flossing

Start teaching your kids how to floss their teeth early enough so that they can appreciate the importance of caring for their teeth from an early age. Your kids should start flossing at the age of two or as soon as they have two teeth that touch each other.

7. Reduce sugar

Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay among young children. Stop giving your kids sugary drinks in a sipping cup or baby bottle as the sugar erodes the outer surface of the teeth, leading to decay.  The earlier you start teaching healthy eating habits by offering your kids water of milk instead of fizzy drinks the better.

8. Take precautions

Take proactive actions by asking your dentist for fluoride or other sealant applications that can help protect your child’s teeth against cavities before they happen. Keep on top of your child’s dental health to ensure they maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

9. Check children’s medications

Make sure you understand how different types of medications can affect your child’s teeth.  Most children’s medications are sweet and sugary but could cause cavities or tooth decay if your child takes them on a long-term basis.

10. Thumbs out

Children who are still sucking their thumbs should stop once permanent teeth begin to erupt. This helps in avoiding speech problems or misaligned teeth from occurring.

Help your children develop good oral care habits that will keep their teeth and gums healthy at all times. Make your kid’s dental care fun and creative.

Best Pediatric Dentistry in Canoga Park – DeSoto Dental Practice

Bring your kids to DeSoto Dental Practice for a comprehensive and fun dental care in Canoga Park. We’ll ease your child’s nervousness and make them feel comfortable during his/her dental visit.  Top-rated pediatric dentists, Dr. Edalat and Dr. Kalai are specially trained to provide quality dental care for all ages.

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Achieve Your Dream Smile This Year

Achieve Your Dream Smile

Body language is essential for many when it comes to expressing your sincere thoughts. A smile is possibly one of the most popular ways to respond to something positive and joyful.

Why in the world would someone ever consider covering that smile or hide their teeth when laughing. Why hold back when meeting new people or socializing at an event.

Whether you’re aware of this or not, you’re truly affecting the full potential of relationship building by being self-conscious. Not only is this affecting your social life, it could affect your self-esteem and overall personal success.

Set Yourself Free, Schedule a Consultation

You’d be surprised how much and how quickly your life could change with a simple step in the right direction, that is making a consultation with us. It might be time for you to consider pursuing cosmetic dental treatment and discussing your goals with a professional will make your vision that much more achievable.

Every situation is unique, therefore meeting with a professional, to begin with, will result in the complete personalization of the procedure that best suits your needs. Better yet, your treatment will perfectly match your needs, taking your budget, appearance, oral health, and personal preferences into account.

Preparing For A Consultation

Just like any other procedure, you must define a clear end result prior to the session. Putting into perspectives such as preferences and end goal will help the professional focus and personalize the procedure appropriately unique for you.

If you’ve taken the initial step to achieve that new smile you desire, consider developing a set of checklist for yourself. That way once during the consultation with the dentist, you will have a clear idea of priorities when it comes to your smile.

We’ve gathered some general yet important points to consider to help prepare for your consultation.

  • Loving yourself and feeling comfortable enough to smile is crucial to anyone’s well-being. Being honest with yourself and pointing out the details in your smile that makes you feel the least confidence will help your dentist offer you the exact services needed. Consider looking through galleries of smiles and finding some of the things you like. This will create a visual end-result for both you and your dentist, which will only help when arranging the procedures. There’s always a treatment option for many of the goals you might be considering, just make sure to ask away!


  • Am I uncomfortable smiling around others or in photographs? If you’re covering up your teeth with your hand or your lips, you’re not feeling completely comfortable on a daily basis. This holds you back from expressing your emotions freely and changes the first impressions you have on new acquaintances or associates. Your teeth are a part of who you are, and they should send the right message.


  • Do I hesitate to draw attention to myself? Your teeth should help you, not hinder you. But when you’re self-conscious, you don’t always step up to the center of attention. This can hold you back at work, and also in social settings. When you’re more confident with your smile, you’ll find it easier to speak up!


  • Do my teeth work the way I want them to? Your smile makeover isn’t purely aesthetic. We’ll address any functional issues with your teeth to make sure you’re able to chew, speak, and smile the way you’d like. If you’re missing teeth or have worn enamel, rebuilding and replacing lost structures will leave you feeling more comfortable, reducing sensitivity and lowering your risk of future dental problems.
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Foods for a Whiter Smile in Canoga Park

Over time the enamel of our teeth will get stained and may even yellow with age.  There is no way to stop this process, but there are certain things you can do and foods you can eat to slow it down and prevent damage to the enamel. The following is a list of foods you can eat to strengthen your enamel and whiten your teeth.

Types of foods that help your Enamel

Basil and Parsleyfood whiter smile

Basil and Parsley have essential oils with anti-bacterial compounds. Cutting down on the number of bacteria in the mouth helps prevent plaque which has a yellowish appearance and can damage the teeth’s enamel.


Salmon is high in vitamin D which helps build stronger bones and teeth. Salmon also contains calcium which is a mineral essential for keeping bones strong. Onion and Garlic- Onion and garlic contain sulfur compounds which also reduce bacteria in the mouth. It’s best to have them raw since these compounds are destroyed in the cooking process.


The enzyme, bromelain, found in pineapples can help remove stains on the tooth’s enamel. This enzyme also breaks up plaque which leads to cavities.


food whiter smile

The calcium, phosphorous, and protein found in cheese is very important for dental health. During remineralization, when teeth are damaged and naturally repair themselves, calcium and phosphorous help provide strength to the teeth, while protein also helps to buffer acids in the mouth caused by bacteria.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the inflammation of periodontal disease. This disease is serious and can eventually lead to bone loss and infection.

The vitamin A found in carrots promotes healthy enamel. The crunchy texture of this vegetable also stimulates the salivary glands which help to cleanse the mouth of any leftover bits of food.

Teeth Whitening – another solution for a whiter smile

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that aims at improving your tooth’s appearance by restoring its enamel to its natural color: white.

It is estimated that over 100 million Americans whiten their teeth one way or another – because white teeth is an important aspect of our society today.

Learn More about our Teeth Whitening

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Is Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is not an alternative but a supplement to routine at-home brushing and flossing.

Your dentist, with the help of special equipment, is able to reach and clean where your ordinary toothbrush can’t, helping you get rid of bacteria-harboring plaque and tartar that may have accumulated on your teeth and under the gum line for months or even years.

Here are benefits of keeping your teeth free of plaque and tartar:

  • Prevents tooth loss – Plaque is a notorious culprit behind gum disease, which may weaken the supporting bone in your jaw and cause tooth fall out if left untreated.
  • Prevents cavity – The acidic nature of plaque makes it a threat to the enamel and may result in dental cavities if left unattended.
  • Brightens your smile – Tartar can give your teeth an unsightly hue that may wreck your smile and lower your self-esteem.

What happens during teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is usually made up of three steps – removal of plaque and tartar; brushing; and flossing.

During the first step, a sharp-edged tool called a scaler is used to mechanically scrape off the tartar and plaque sticking on your teeth and under the gum line.

Brushing is done using an electric toothbrush and gritty toothpaste. Your mouth will be rinsed clean after this step and flossing performed after using a special flossing string.

De Soto Dental Practice offers professional teeth cleaning, dental examination and several other dental care services in and around Canoga Park. Call 818.888.2211 today to schedule an appointment.

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Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgically implanted metal extensions that act as surface onto which replacement teeth and bridges are mounted. De Soto Dental Practice offers this treatment to patients who want their lost teeth replaced with a long term solution.

Why should I choose dental implants?

Dentists and orthodontists regard dental implants as the standard of care for prosthetic replacement of lost teeth for the following reasons:

Dental implants improve your appearance – Designed to look and feel just like your other teeth, dental implants can only be better than the tooth they are replacing.

Dental implants can be permanent – Dental implants can last for just as long as your other teeth if well taken care of. They last a lifetime in most instances.

They improve your speech – Dental implants are firmly screwed into your jaw giving you the confidence to speak without the fear of a tooth slipping in your mouth and causing you to mumble. Such accidents are not uncommon with tooth-supported dentures which may not be as tightly held in position as implants.

Types of dental implants

De Soto Dental Practice offers two types of dental implants – the only two classed as safe by the American Dental Association:

  1. Endosteal implants
  2. Subperiosteal implants

Endosteal implants

Endosteal implants are surgically screwed onto your jawbone to serve as a roots for prosthetic teeth. They are the more popular implant type of the two and are quite often offered as an option for patients with removable dentures or bridges.

Subperiosteal implants

This implant type doesn’t involve drilling and placement of titanium posts into your jawbone to imitate real teeth roots, but instead creates surface for mounting of prosthetic teeth with the use of a metal frame tightly fitted onto the jawbone.

Do I qualify for a dental implant?

If you’re to undergo a risk-free implant procedure, you need to be in good health. Particularly, you need to have healthy gum tissues as well as adequate bone on your jaw for an endosteal procedure.

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How to Maintain Oral Health for the Elderly

how to maintain oral health elderly

The aging process can take a toll on your teeth, gums, and mouth, just as it does on other areas of your body.

Studies show that age increases your susceptibility to plaque buildup, and any dental restorations, like fillings and dentures, begin to wear and weaken.

Additionally, teeth are known to weaken and discolor with age, plus many seniors experience diminished muscular control that makes it difficult to chew or wear dentures, as noted by Canoga Park Cosmetic Dentists, Dr. Edalat & Dr. Kalai.

Common oral changes for the elderly include:

● Attrition – simple wear and tear of tooth enamel due to years of chewing and grinding

● Dry mouth – due to medications, smoking, alcohol consumption

● Root decay – prolonged bacteria buildup leading to gum recession and tooth decay

● Disease – increased risk of oral cancer

Maintain Oral Health for the Elderly
Fortunately, these potential changes do not necessarily present a risk to the healthy and functionally independent seniors. This is because the good dental habits that keep your mouth healthy when young are the same ones that ensure dental health as you age.

Oral health care requires you to take into consideration oral cleanliness, dental pain, saliva production, and the health of your gums and mucosal tissues, lips, tongue, natural teeth, and any dental restorations and replacements. Typical practices may include:

1. Check what you eat.
Anything that you consume directly impacts the health of your mouth. So, you should limit the frequency of eating sugary and sticky foods; eat more nutritious snacks, such as nuts, yogurt, and fresh fruit; maintain a balanced diet; and eat fresh crunchy fruits, like apples and carrots (slice them for easier eating).

2. Check what you drink.
Due to increased tooth wear, you should not only consume foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, but also increase your fluoride use to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce acid erosion. This can be done by drinking more of fluoridated water; drinking water after meals/snacks/medications; reducing the amount of sugar in beverages; limiting the intake of sugary and acidic drinks (soda, energy drinks, fruit juice); and keeping the mouth moist by regularly sipping water.

3. Check how you clean your mouth.

Proper oral hygiene removes food debris in the mouth and prevents the buildup of plaque and acids that destroy the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. To keep your mouth clean and healthy, you should floss once a day; brush twice a day using a soft-bristled brush and fluoridated toothpaste; change your toothbrush every 3 months or after treating an infection; clean your teeth replacements properly.

Final Note
Beyond these basic oral health practices, you should discuss with your dentist about ways to strengthen your cheek and tongue muscles and promote saliva secretion, as well as healthy lifestyle habits that will not adversely affect your teeth, like using sugarless medication and quitting smoking.

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