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Do I need a dental filling?

The best way to know you need tooth filling is consulting a dentist. However if you experience one or more of the following signs, you may need a filling:

  • Fractures and chips
  • A tooth starting to feel rough
  • Tooth pain
  • Floss tearing when you floss between certain teeth
  • Sensitivity when you chew or bite on a certain tooth
  • Lost tooth filling
  • Food getting stuck between certain teeth
  • A hole in your tooth

The type of filling best for me

The type of filling best for you is mostly determined by your lifestyle, budget and the severity of your problem. Here are the primary categories of tooth filling:

  • Gold Fillings
  • Silver amalgams
  • Ceramics
  • Composite resins

Gold fillings and ceramics cost the highest and last the longest. Composite resins cost way less but form a chemical bonding with your teeth and maybe tooth-colored.

What to expect during the filling procedure

Your dentist will first apply a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the flesh surrounding it to make the filling painless. Once you’re numb and ready, the dentist will use a drill to get rid of the decay from the tooth. A high volume suction is also used to remove the water from the drill and debris from the mouth.

Next, the tooth will be washed and rinsed, and the dentist will apply the filling material on the tooth. Procedures may differ depending on the filling material being used.

If you suspect you have dental decay and want a dentist to confirm it and provide filling if necessary, De Soto Dental Practice offers the service in and around Canoga Park. Call 818.888.2211 now to schedule an appointment and have your tooth fixed.

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